About me.. Hmm well I am Martina, 23 years young and live (mostly) in Switzerland.

While as a kid it was the worst for me to spend a night at any place away from home, I somehow misterously turned into a “Reisefüdli” who likes to travel but more so loves to actually live in other countries for a longer periode of time to get a deep insight into other ways of life.

A language stay in Ireland, a volunteer brigade in Ghana, a semester abroad in Canada and several trips in Europe as well as one in the US kept me busy. My focus for now is on Sri Lanka and I am also going to be working in South India for 1.5 months. Let’s see what these countries have in store for me! Besides this however, it is on of my biggest dreams to do a master degree in Sweden just because I love this country and living and study there for a while appears to be soooo tempting! And also of course I found some programs which sound like they could be pretty intersting. But who knows where I end up. On of the things I learned in the recent months definitely is summed up in this quote by John Lennon:

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

So therefore, no plans for now,  one step after the other and see where life is leading me to!

Thanks for following my blog by the way!